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The implants in this series are perhaps the only implants that are designed to meet the requirements for biomechanical stress on different types of bone. The De Luxe Series has the same excellent long-term effect, regardless of bone quality. This success has been made possible only because a unique thread type was created that is appropriate for the different bone types.

The fine thread in the De Luxe Series implants is ideal for dense cortical bone and provides high primary stability of the implant even when the alveolar ridge is of low height.

The implants gently and evenly transfer the load to the bones, which prevents local overload and bone damage.


A small three-lead thread transitions smoothly into a coarse aggressive main thread with a wider pitch. This is the best type of thread for cancellous bone, and it provides good primary stability of the implant even when installed in poor-quality bone. This form of implant and thread geometry contributes to ideal implant fit.

On the "First Class" series implants metrical double carving is used which is larger and has the carving step of 0,75 millimeters on a basic body, and micro carving with the carving step of 0,25 millimeters in the implant overhead part. Such type of carving allows to carry out the self-cutting ability during the implant setting, excepting in this way one of the operation stages which is the carving cutting with the help of marker. The presence of self-cutting ability effect makes it possible to use of implant right after the odontectomy.

The micro-thread provides:

  • better initial implant insertion, preventing superficial displacement in the area of the cortical layer of the alveolar process;
  • increased area of bone contact with the implant;
  • even distribution of occlusal forces during chewing;
  • additional attachment in the cortical layer for simultaneous implant placement and sinus lift

Thread geometry ensures easy penetration into the bone and conformity with the prescribed direction when the implant is placed. If you feel significant resistance from the bone during implant placement, use the intermediate drill bit. For example, for 3.5 mm-diameter implant, the last drill bit would be not 3.0 mm but 3.35 mm; for a 4.0-mm diameter implant, the last drill bit would be not 3.5 mm but 3.75 mm, etc.

Comes with a cover screw.

Surface implant area which contacts with a bone tissue is 185.40 square millimeter for a size of 4.0х13 millimeter.


Cat. no Length, mm Ø, mm
1.20 8 3,6
1.21 10
1.22 11,5
1.23 13
1.24 15
Cat. no Length, mm Ø, mm
1.25 8 4,0
1.26 10
1.27 11,5
1.28 13
1.29 15
Cat. no Length, mm Ø, mm
1.30 8 4,6
1.31 10
1.32 11,5
1.33 13
1.34 15
Cat. no Length, mm Ø, mm
1.35 8 5,0
1.36 10
1.37 11,5
1.38 13