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The different methodologies of stomatological implantation, mainly based on conception of osteointegration, allow to improve considerably the anatomic-functional results of dental rows renewal. The terms of final prosthetic repair however, can increase depending on complication and sequence of curatively-rehabilitation measures complex realization during the 1,5-2 years.

The very actual task, in this connection, is the maintenance of patient's life quality. This task can be fulfilled by means of mini implants as temporal prosthetic appliances supporting units making and fixing right after the operation or within the next few days of postoperative period.

We offer your attention one of the most successful temporal spiral vent plants constructions with the 2.0 мм external diameter. These implants are made in two versions: with a spherical head for the removable prosthetic appliance, and with a cone-shaped line by a head for the fixed prosthetic appliance. The morphological researches are the one cause among the pre-conditions for creation of such implants. The researches have proved the forming of osteointegrating contact while using the one stage implants.

The second cause among the pre-conditions is the possibility of removable prosthetic appliance fixing improvement and the possibility of prosthetic appliance forming in the cases of primary absence of teeth for children, in particular, for patients with an ectoblast hypohidrotic dysplasia. This type of implant is produced since 2004 year as self-tapping screw with developed micro surface contour. It has the 10, 13 or 16 millimeters in general length. The product is made from а technically clean titan (Grade 4 alloy).

The temporal implants can be set with the use of "bloodless" methodology which conductes the use of the mucous membrane perforation and periosteum only. The perforation can be conducted by the means of puncher-mukotom. Preparing of the bed is conducted by the special drill by a 1,5 millimeters in diameter at the speed of 1000-2500 revolutions per minute rotation, on the corresponding to the implant depth length, with permanent irrigation of preparing zone.

The implant is screwed into the bone bed then. The preliminary forming of bed carving by means of marker is not required, as the carving configuration of inner bone implant part works on principle of self-tapping screw. At the "bloodless" variant of operation it is not necessary to use the suture.

The efficiency of this type implant application depends on the type of bone architectonics. The homogeneous compact bone tissue on all the height of alveolar sprout (1 type of bone quality or closeness) is the most favorable variant for application of thin spiral implants. Such type of the architectonics is the characteristic of the frontal lower jaw department, including the zone of premolar teeth. Such type of architectonics rarely meets in a frontal department and in the area of supramaxilla premolar teeth. It is possible to set the implant both on the lower jaw edge and between the lateral jaw walls, if we meet the 5-6 millimeters in thickness of sprouts.

If we meets the less closeness of bone and insufficient thickness of compact layer (less than 2 mm), which often meet in the molar teeth zone of lower and overhead jaws, it is necessary to restrain from application of this implants type. The thin spiral implants can be applied for making the temporal fixed and removable prosthetic appliances with a subsequent exception in a prosthetic construction at final prosthetic repair if we meets the complete edentia. It is possible to apply these implants in combination with two stage spiral, and also blade vent implants.

It is necessary to give preference to the 16 mm implants long. Length of implant can be shortened during the realization of operative intervention by means of the diamond coniferous forest. Orthopaedic parts of temporal implants exactly correspond to the head of implant, that allows to provide the temporal prosthetic appliance stability and necessary inflexibility during all the term of functioning.

The temporal implants are intended to make support of prosthetic appliance during a few months. They are usually used in the period, when the permanent two stage implants set in one time with temporal implants are integrated during 3-6 months. If temporal implants do not retire after the successful osteointegration of permanent two stage implants, it can be used as the additional support of denture if we have the included defects of a few teeth.

The technology of one drill and whole implant provides a very simple procedure of setting and simple prosthetic repair.

Basic Indications of Temporal Implants Application

They can be used for the patients, requiring setting of immediate, stable and esthetically suitable temporal prosthetic appliance.

It is the reliable and enough protracted defense of soft tissues above the zone of the set two stage implants.

They can be used for the patients with ectodermal hypohidrotic dysplasia.

Contra-Indications of Temporal Implants Application

They cannot be used for the patients with present less than 10 millimeters height of alveolar sprout jaws bone part.

It is impossible to set the sufficient amount of this construction implants for the effective use of temporal prosthetic appliance in the mouth cavity.

This type of implants construction cannot be used if insufficient express of cortical part of jaw bone alveolar sprout appears. This can has the result of implants instability.

It cannot be used if we meet the atrophy of bone tissue.

Temporal Implants Setting Methodology

It is necessary to make sure that the minimum distance between the estimated installation site of temporal implant setting and the permanent two stage implant set is not less than 3 mm.

Then it is necessary to conduct the perforation of mucous membrane and periosteum.

The next stage is the conduction marking of implants setting places with the help of the ball shaped bur.

Then it is necessary to do the hole for the implant by means of the special 1,5 millimeters in drill diameter.

Then drill the hole on a corresponding depth. The apical, vestibular or language cortical plates for the purpose of stability set implant providing can be involved.

With the help of the temporal implants wraparound key and the reversible key, which is included in a surgical set, it is necessary to screw the temporal transplant (implant) into the hole for the implant until the implant shoulder will not come alongside with the alveolar sprout comb. It is necessary to remember that implants must be stable in the moment of their setting, though not to have any least clinical mobility.

Recommendations on a Postoperative Care

The temporal prosthetic appliance hygienical care is provided with the help of the careful teeth cleaning by soft brushes. It is impossible to touch the guy-sutures.

It is recommended the use of liquid or wiped soft food. The diet is kept during the period of treatment and during two weeks after permanent prosthetic appliance fixing. It will be very useful the nourishing mixtures from liquid proteins. Patients with violations of digestion must get the recommendations from the treating internist.

The temporal prosthetic appliances with support on implants only cover all cult parts in the mouth cavity. None of supporting crowns is cemented for maintenance of prosthetic appliance micro mobility. During the treatment implants as a rule do not require any additional guard measures, except a diet.


Mini implant
with cone head


Length, mm Ø, mm
1.80 10 2,0
1.81 13

Mini implant
with sphere head

Length, mm Ø, mm
1.78 10 2,0
1.79 13