Short Implants

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Short implants offer the dentist more possible solutions in complex clinical situations. Their short length makes it possible to avoid vital structures and reduces the need for bone grafting. With Short Series implants, it is clear that longer implants are not necessarily better. In many clinical situations, short implants are a valid solution. The clinical reality is that many potential patients are limited by the height of the bone crest. When long implants are installed, the maxillary sinus and inferior alveolar nerve are at risk. Although bone grafts reduce these risks, patients may be reluctant to agree to them because of the high cost and time that such operations require. Furthermore, graft surgery has its own morbidity and contraindications that are not always acceptable to the patient. Short implants simplify treatment and make it more predictable, which can increase patients’ acceptance of implantation.

When using short implants, patients with limited bone height can in many cases avoid the risks and costs associated with bone transplant procedures. In addition, it is possible to save time that would be required for healing and reduce cash outlays. The dentist should make the decision whether or not to use short implants based on the specific clinical situation.


Cat. no Length, mm Ø, mm
1.105 6,5 5,0
1.54 6,5 5,5
1.55 6,5 6,0