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The Standard+ Series implants are designed for use in replacing a missing tooth or teeth in the lower or upper jaw in cases where implant stability can be achieved immediately. Can be used in one-stage and two-stage surgical procedures. Indicated for immediate installation in extraction sockets or in situations with partial or complete healing of the alveolar ridge. Especially suitable for use in soft bone where implants with other surface treatments may be less effective. Suitable for immediate loading for all indications except restoration of a single tooth with soft bone (Type IV), where achieving implant stability may be difficult and immediate loading is not recommended.

Refining the surface topography of an existing, commercially available implant provides better interaction along the surfaces of the bone and the implant. This interaction leads to biological reactions that have a favorable effect on bone-implant interaction. NDI Standard+ Series implants can be inserted using the traditional two-stage procedure or the one-stage procedure, depending on the problem facing the surgeon and the specific clinical situation. The one-stage protocol is sometimes preferred because it requires fewer surgeries. The two-stage protocol is recommended when installing implants into poor-quality bone or using temporary dentures to avoid overloading during the implant healing period. In addition, a unique thread geometry allows them to be used both with a tap for dense bone, and without a tap as a self-tapping implant for more friable bone.


Cat. no Length, mm Ø, mm
1.39 8 3,5
1.40 10
1.41 13
1.42 15


Cat. no Length, mm Ø, mm
1.43 8 4,0
1.44 10
1.45 13
1.46 15


Length, mm Ø, mm
1.51 8 5,0
1.52 10
1.53 13



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