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NDI Dental Implants is a German system of dental implants developed by NIKO DENTAL GmbH.

We produce our implants only on our own facilities in Germany.

The company believes in continuously improving its products, and consistently invests in the research and development of its dental implant system. To develop this system, we integrated tried-and-true implant dentistry principles from around the world with the latest scientific achievements, unique technologies, and extensive clinical experience.
  • Our products have true high quality with nearly 0% of defect rate
  • Certification in Europe (CE, ISO), Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Iran and other countries 
  • 18 years of developing (we started in 1998)
  • Best price/quality ratio on the market for a real German product
  • No minimum order quantity
  • We ship in 4 weeks (or less) after you place an wholesale order
  • According to the data from last 10 years, our implant loss rate is very close to zero. 
  • You get a reliable product with absolute biocompatibility, high mechanical strength and 100% cleanliness
  • All implants have top-class Advanced Surface
  • According to the clinical data, osseointegration rate is >99%